Revenue Operations

Business Processes, Integrated Technology & Automation

What is Revenue Operations?

RevOps is Powerful

If your company is focused on continuous growth, operations will be vital to your success. Marketing, sales, and customer support all have operational needs, and revenue operations or RevOps with Purple Circle consolidate those needs.

Purple Circle and its RevOps service can provide your customers with a seamless experience from the first contact to closed deals and beyond. Purple Circle streamlines operations at your company for continuous growth.

Our Proprietary ABLE Model is at the Core of our Continuous Success

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We assess your business. It's processes, people, production and more.
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We build and configure new processes using our integrated technology.
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We test our plan meticulously so that you can see growth and business efficiencies fast.
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We continuously execute new builds as revenue increases, teams grow, etc.
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How we work

Business Processes Assessment & Configuration

Whether you are experiencing excessive stress due to job overload, poor processes, or trying to figure out where to start, the Business Processes Assessment will help you find relief and solutions.

Our Business Processes Assessment and Configuration (BPAC), helps you improve the profitability of your business using our proven systems, processes, and checklists that are the building blocks to success. This is created custom just for your business based on your unique business needs.

Whether you are experiencing excessive stress due to job overload, poor processes, or trying to figure out where to start, our assessment and configuration will help you find relief and solutions.


Integrated Technology & Data Efficiency

Increase your productivity, collaboration, and morale. Our software solution and implementation with Hubspot and the other unique platforms within your business delivers a wide range of capabilities to improve visibility, maximize workforce utilization and help control costs.

Data accuracy is the most essential factor of a growing business, as well as an integral part of risk management. To improve data accuracy, we "scrub" your dirty data to overcome the limitations of manually correcting information, which often becomes a bottleneck in day-to-day operations, to reduce time consumption and costs.

Our process to efficiently use your data includes techniques to compress, reduce, and transform data to growing revenue. Through the use of our processes and technology integrations with Hubspot, Data Efficiency will increase the speed of sales, reduce unnecessary spending, and improve the business as a whole.

Automation & Reporting

We continuously provide organizations as they scale and grow the ability to combine business processes with automation and reporting. These advanced automation and reporting capabilities mean that businesses can better plan and monitor budgets while delivering exceptional sales, customer support services, and marketing content to their end customers.

Automated Reporting is a powerful, effective way of getting data on your business in an accurate and timely manner. Detect and remove disturbances in your business faster with automated reports. With Purple Circle, you can easily view trends to see the state of your business on-demand or over time.


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